Treatment in Detail

With the use of my hands a gentle manipulation of the joints is carried out at the designated level to ensure realignment of the joint.

This will increase range of motion, reduce pain levels and promote correct functioning of the area.

Treatment – unfortunately is not a one off fix for many reasons. A condition that has been left untreated for a number of months takes longer (weeks) to correct than a condition that has occurred in the last few days.

The treatment is carried out in three phases

To reduce pain

High intensity of treatments in the first weeks to reduce pain and mobilise joints.


Lengthen time between treatments. As the body responds introduce self help instructions ranging from simple stretches to exercises. General life styles are analysed and alterations to occupations are assessed if needed. Adaptations to gym routines and encouragement to start exercise. This will ensure compliance and enables the patient to start listening to their bodies again making them much more aware of when problems are occurring.


Encouragement to return at least four times a year to give the body a ‘service’, double check those stretches or to cope with any changes to your lifestyle e.g. moving home caring for a sick relative or taking up a new sport. These all bring their own stresses and strains.


Painkillers do not treat the problem.

How often have you thought “Oh it will just go on its own” only to find the condition worsens?